Dirthead Entry Fees:            Early Entry                             Later Entry                           Race Day Entry
                                                  (until 10/31/19)                    (until 11/30/19)                      (12/1/19)

Sprint Duathlon                        $45                                            $50                                        $60

Middle Earth Duathlon           $60                                             $65                                         $75



Race Day Registration available starting at 6:00 am

Registration fees are non-refundable

Bring a Volunteer / Run Free

As with all of our races, we need volunteers to make it all work. If you want to Race for Free, bring a Volunteer to help for the race. The volunteers will assist with the same distance race as the person racing.

Contact jim@tamparaces.com if you are interested.

High school students can get volunteer hours by working at our races also.


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